Maintaining Healthy Hips

Healthy hips are critical when it comes to weight bearing. Hip is also responsible for other stability based actions such as walking, climbing and also running. Observing them fit is fundamental for normal progress of life. To achieve this, I will clearly outline the exercise to expose your hips into for excellent condition of fitness?

The first possible hip exercise is straight lifting of leg. You should lie on your back and then bend one knee. After that, you should straighten the other leg up for approximately 2 seconds. It should not be too much high. In fact 10 to 12 inches can do. While still bending your leg drop the leg to the ground. Again slowly move up. Repeat this ten times. It is also important to change the posture of the legs. By this I mean at some time make the straightened leg bent and straighten the other. This works very well especially if done frequently without skipping days.

Do you know squeezing your hips is also very healthy? This method is very close to the first one but this time you should bend the two knees. This should be done when lying on your back. After this, you should place a soft ball between the bent knees and squeeze it. By repeating this for several minutes the hips are fully exercised. This may appear simple but a very successful technique for health and fit hips.

May be you are not comfortable with the first method explained. Well, I can help you achieve the same using a different posture. The first thing you should do is lie down on one side. This means that one leg is on top of the other. Bend the bottom leg and then swiftly lift the top one up. You should ensure the leg is absolutely straightened. Repeat this for a period of approximately ten minutes.

Rotation of hips is possible when exercising. This can be achieved by bending both knees and lying on your back. Place the ankle on top of the knee to cross one leg over the other. After this, you should softly push the knee of the top leg far away from you until the proper stretch is noticed on the hips.

The above methods can eradicate hip pain for ever. All the same, many people may not see this work because of irregularity. For good results you should do it at list once per day. This will not only improve on your strength but also flexibility. It is obvious that you will find it hard as you start. Don’t give up, force it and within no time you will get used to it. Increase the number of sets from may be 2 tom 3 hip squeezes. This is how to perfect this joint.

Doctors should not be isolated despite all this exercises. Some issues need therapy for rectification. You may be having significant hip pain to an extent of not walking .you may not get helped by this exercises at this time. This must be presented to an expert for relevant healthy and fitness assistant.